Archery is an art of practicing or the skill of using bow and arrow to push away the arrows to the setting goals. In the history, archery was used mostly for hunting or war; in modern times, however, it is still in use under the form of entertainment.

This also means that archery bows have existed for a long time. Through time, there are lots of changes in the design of bows. The physics of structure of the bows is more and more understood.

In fact, archery bows have evolved a lot through history, so they have a variety of forms today. Nowadays, archery bows are familiar with most of the people as the form of sport and entertainment as well.

Some types that could be mentioned to the list of bows are recurve bows, long bows, compound bows and crossbows. Therefore, with different types of bows, the archers will have different experiences. Now we will discus about compound bow part names

So far, compound bows and recurve bows have increasingly been popular among those who are keen on sport in general and archery in particular.

However, as for new archers, the task of distinguishing compound bow and recurve bow is still difficult. So the differences between these two types will be mentioned below.

When it comes to the origin and development of the two types of bows, compound bows do not have long development history as recurve bows.